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Burg Simpson is currently interviewing potential clients with cases involving two homeopathic remedies that have been shown to injure users. The two drugs are (a) Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel and (b) Cold-Eeze Nasal Spray. Both are cold remedies, that are sprayed directly into the user’s nose.

The active ingredient in each is zinc (in the form of zinc gluconate). Zinc ions have long been regarded as toxic to the tissues of the nose (olfactory epithelium) and harmful to the scent tissue in the upper reaches in the nasal cavity. Users who have been injured have reported feeling an intense burning sensation in their nose or sinuses, after spraying these zinc-based products directly into the nose, followed shortly thereafter by the loss of their sense of smell and/or taste. Experts confirm that the problem is real and the ramifications of losing one’s sense of smell and taste can be devastating.

Recently, the maker of Zicam (Matrix Initiatives, Inc.), entered into a settlement with approximately 320 Zicam users. The settlement was not a class action settlement, which means that other users can still come forward and assert claims. Zicam Nasal Gel continues to be sold and does not contain a warning about the risk of loss of smell and/or taste. Cold-Eeze Nasal Spray was removed from the market approximately 18 months ago. Both products come in other forms (e.g., lozenges), however, only forms that are sprayed directly into the nose are at issue.

If you or a loved one has used Zicam and suffered the loss of your sense of smell and taste and would like a free evaluation of your potential claim, please contact us.

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