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Indictment Against Teen Handed Down by Grand Jury

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On March 13, 2007, a group of teenagers were allegedly drinking — one of those drunken teenagers got behind the wheel, drove drunk and struck a car killing 17 year old Samara Stricklen. While the Jefferson County police originally believed the drunk driver was 16 year old Alison Bowen, however, the grand jury reached a different conclusion yesterday afternoon.

The grand jury indicted 17 year old Nanette LaFleur instead. The jury determined that it was LaFleur who was driving drunk that night and struck Bowen’s vehicle. After the crash, LaFleur convinced Bowan (whose father owned the car) to get behind the wheel and claim she was driving. She did. However, the grand jury saw through the ruse and indicted LaFluer.

The DA also announced a ten-count indictment against the liquor store clerk — Van Thien Pham — who is accused of selling the alcohol to the teens.

It will be interesting to see how this case plays out. I’ll keep you posted.