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Hoover Dam bypass clean-up after crane collapse

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On September 15, 2006, high winds caused two 280-foot-tall steel cranes to collapse in a major construction accident at the site of the $234 million Hoover Dam bypass project. This week, a crew of divers is working to clean up the debris from the Colorado River.

A story in Central Utah’s Daily Herald details the construction accident that caused $50 million in damages and set back the project’s completion date two years. The Hoover Dam Bypass project will build 3.5 miles of four-lane highway and a 1,900-foot bridge over the Colorado River to connect with U.S. 93.

The September crane collapse forced contractors Obayashi Corp. and PSM Construction USA Inc. to find the resources to remove 300,000 pounds of steel cable and debris at the bottom of the Colorado River.

Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of the construction accident.