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Play by the Rules

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On August 1, 2006, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in an unusual show of descriptive writing, observed the following, when ruling on claims of breach of contract in the 1984 sale of the majority of stock in the partnership that owned the Denver Broncos. “If sport be a metaphor for life, then surely the sale of a National Football League franchise must be like the game itself. Sophisticated businessmen, armed at the elbow with teams of experts, including transactional lawyers, advance their offensive and defensive strategies towards the goal of obtaining a contract, shaking hands, and sealing the deal. When the ink is dry, the game is over. If a dispute arises, our role, like that of a referee, is to ensure that the parties live up to their agreements, follow the law, and play by the rules.” The Court ruled in favor of Pat Bowlen.