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Semi-Truck Nearly Breaks Apart in Collision

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In a trucking accident, Thursday, a semi-truck crashed with such extreme force that it nearly broke apart and sent wreckage flying over a half mile radius of the accident location.

"This is one of the worst accidents involving vehicular damage I have witnessed in over 27 years of response to Interstate accidents," Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue Deputy Chief said.

The accident happened at approximately 11:20 pm. at mile marker 208. The driver was so seriously injured in the crash that he couldn’t give officials a statement. One witness said it appeared that the driver had missed the lower runaway truck ramp prior to the crash. The roadway was dry at the time of the crash.

Debris was strewn about the westbound lanes and was even thrown over the median and into the eastbound lanes. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

According to another witness, the truck driver managed to barely crawl out of the remains of the semi-trailer cab. He was treated for burns on most of his upper body. He was transported to Summit Medical Center and then airlifted to University Burn Center of Denver.