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Dangerous Dogs and Dog Owners' Rights

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Dangerous dog registries utilized by states to curb incidents of dog bites.

As the news is flooded practically every day with stories of vicious dogs and even more vicious dog bites, states are now taking a stance.

Mug shots, bad behavior and home addresses went public today, listing dogs who have attacked a person or an animal, and that a judge has decided could cause injury again. The Virginia Dog Registry went online this month and is part of a growing effort states have employed to deal with dangerous dogs. One of Virginia’s toughest requirements is a policy requiring owners of dangerous dogs to carry $100,000.00 in liability insurance. As an attorney who often sees the devastation families experience due to dog attacks, this law is welcome. While some dog owners may be understandably upset, on average a dozen people die each year from dog attacks. And each year almost 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs and about 800,000, half of these children, seek medical care.

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