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Woman Dies On Floor Of Hospital After Calling 9-1-1

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Woman dies at hospital after calling 9-1-1.

A woman died of a perforated bowel at King0Harbor Hospital in Los Angeles on May 9th after 9-1-1 refused to contact paramedics or an ambulance to take her to another facility. In 9-1-1 tapes released today by the Los Angeles Times, the woman’s husband is heard pleading with the 9-1-1 dispatcher to send help. Help never arrived and the woman died after bleeding from her mouth and writhing in pain on the hospital floor for close to one hour.

This type of negligence is horrifying. A second call was placed by a bystander and the dispatcher again repeatedly refused to send help. It serves as a stark reminder that those who often need the most help, never receive it. It also reminds us here at Bachus & Schanker why we continue to fight the good fight.