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Pain at the Pump

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Gas prices hit a record high today with the national average at $3.073 per gallon. This is well over the last record high set of $3.057 set after Hurricane Katrina. To read more, click here. To help ease your pocketbook, follow these simple tips courtesy of the Automobile Association of America.

If you own more than one care, use the more energy-conserving car as often as possible.
Combine your trips and errands to cut down on driving time and miles traveled.
Find one location where you can take care of multiple errands such as the grocery store, pet store, and banking.
Slow down! The faster your car travels, the more gas it’s using.
Avoid quick starts and sudden stops.
Lighten the load, clean out your trunk and your backseat.
Maintain steady speeds while traveling on the highway.
Use your air conditioner conservatively.

For more fuel saving tips, visit AAA’s site here.