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Charges for Bullying Which Resulted in Suicide

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A New Jersey prosecutor filed charges this week against two students accused of terrorizing a high school freshman who later committed suicide. The fifteen year old committed suicide on March 28 after he was assaulted by one of the youths at school, and then robbed in a parking garage by the student and another juvenile. The robbery was allegedly retribution for reporting the assault, according to Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi.

The two students, who are juveniles, are charged with robbery, theft, conspiracy and making terroristic threats. A third student, 19-year-old senior Michael Conway, was charged with lying to authorities, the stories say. Prosecutors say Conway was at the parking garage during the robbery, but did not take part.

This is another reminder of the terrible toll bullying takes on our society. For a detailed overview of the growing problem, see http://thesafetyreport.com/2011/09/bullying-the-makings-of-an-epidemic/. To determine whether your child is being bullied, see the checklist at http://thesafetyreport.com/2011/08/bullying-and-your-child-tips-you-should-know/. And for concerns regarding hazing as bullying, see http://thesafetyreport.com/2011/08/hazing-when-the-whole-team-bullies/ .