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Blunder at Merck's Biggest Production Site Pollutes Creek

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An extremely troubling report in-Pharma Technologist.com indicated that government investigators are looking into the release of 25 gallons of chemicals containing cyanide from a Merck production plant in Pennsylvania into the sewer. It is likely that after the chemicals left the wastewater treatment plant it affected between two and eight miles of the Wissahickon Creek. While the incident occurred in June of this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues their investigation of the pollution’s effects. The pollution already has killed more than 1,000 fish and activated health warnings. This release of these chemicals is contrary to Merck’s waste disposal protocol and the incident remains under investigation. It is possible that the EPA will levy fines on Merck for this irresponsible behavior. The Merck plant in question manufactures products such as Crixivan and Fosamax.