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Tort Reform, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

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A story from the Denver Post talks about the non-profit group Colorado Citizens for Accountability and their battle to inform the public about medical malpractice

and tort reform. Founded by Patty and David Skolnik, whose son was diagnosed with a brain cyst. Only after he was operated on did the family find out that the doctor who performed the surgery had pending malpractice suits in other states. The Skolniks currently have a wrongful death pending against him as well. Their son died at age 22.

Patty said disinformation campaigns by politicians and the insurance industry also have distorted the facts about malpractice settlements.

Many people think court settlements are soaring and are responsible for the rapidly increasing cost of health care. But she cited research showing that claims payments have remained stable for the past five years while malpractice premiums have more than doubled.

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