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Health Care Crisis

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We have all read about rising health care costs. Insurance companies would have you believe the increase is due to high medical malpractice verdicts and unscrupulous trial lawyers. As a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice litigation and takes pride in representing the injured, it was with interest that I read the front page story in today’s Wall Street Journal (April 18, 2006).

The headline reads “As Patients, Doctors Feel Pinch, Insurer’s CEO Makes a Billion”. The story goes on to note that the CEO of one of America’s largest health-care companies draws an $8 million a year salary (plus bonus!) and is allowed free use of a corporate jet. If that’s not enough, the WSJ notes he has amassed one of the largest stock options fortunes of all time: $1.6 billion!

This story comes to us, not from plaintiff lawyers or consumer groups, but from one of the most conservative, business friendly publications in America.

It is clear that the “health care crisis” is one created from within, not from those who suffer needlessly from medical malpractice and seek help from the only forum they have: trial by jury. I urge each of you to contact your local legislators and let them know you are outraged by this corporate greed. It is time the public learned the truth.