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What is Fusarium Keratitis?

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Fungal keratitis is an extremely serious eye infection that can develop through the whole depth of the cornea. The infection can require prolonged drug therapy with antifungals such as natamycin or nystatin. If drugs do not work and the eye is damaged, surgery may be necessary to remove fungal ulcers and/or lesions, or to implant a shell to preserve the shape and structure of the eye. Symptoms of fungal keratitis include: sudden blurry vision, unusual redness of the eye, pain in the eye, excessive tearing or discharge from the eye, and increased light sensitivity. Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology. These infections are usually very difficult to treat and may result in severe visual loss or even loss of the eye. Many victims are required to undergo a corneal transplant to prevent the fungus, which is very aggressive, from reaching the back of the eye. Additionally, a very large percentage of corneal transplants are rejected, requiring the victim to undergo a second surgery.

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