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Suit filed against Bausch and Lomb-Fusarium Keratitis

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In a recent personal injury and product liability lawsuit filed in Federal court in St. Louis, Renu with MoistureLoc is being blamed for an eye infection (Fusarium Keratitis) and a subsequent cornea transplant. The suit alleges that Bausch and Lomb was negligent and failed to warn customers that the solution could cause serious and permanent injury. There have been 125 other similar cases across the country, 64 percent of them in contact lens wearers who used this Bausch and Lomb product.

In April, Bausch and Lomb stopped selling the solution after a federal investigation revealed users faced an increased risk of developing Fusarium Keratitis.

Bausch and Lomb was asked to comment on the lawsuit and provided this written statement:

As is often the case in heavily publicized recall situations, we expect that there will be many more claims than actual injuries, and that’s why it’s especially important for us to evaluate each claim independently and handle it appropriately. We’ll be handling alleged MoistureLoc complaints on a case-by-case basis, evaluating medical information and specific information about product use and other relevant data, and Bausch & Lomb’s response will be based on each case’s available evidence.