Denver, Colorado


Linda Chalat

Do Guns Create Unsafe Workplace?

A Nashville server has come up with an interesting strategy to try to reign in the proliferation of guns in public places. The server has filed a complaint with the state alleging that the mixture…

Chrissie Cole

Bowhunter Indicted in Workers Compensation Fraud

While fraudulently collecting over $667,000 in workers compensation and disability payments, David, a former Denver police officer, was also busy building up his reputation as a bowhunter – heading trips to Africa, making instructional videos and writing books.He is being indicted on nine counts of forgery, one count of making a false statement and two counts of theft. If convicted he faces up…

Staff Writer

Hoover Dam bypass clean-up after crane collapse

On September 15, 2006, high winds caused two 280-foot-tall steel cranes to collapse in a major construction accident at the site of the $234 million Hoover Dam bypass project. This week, a crew of divers is working to clean up the debris from the Colorado River. A story in Central Utah’s Daily Herald details the construction accident that caused $50 million in damages and set back the project’s…

Staff Writer

Gas worker dies in construction accident

A contract gas worker was blown out of a fijve-foot-deep hole and killed by head injuries from the accident, says a report on ABC 7 News TheDenverChannel.com. The victim was a man working with Schneider Energy Services, contracted by EnCana Oil and Gas. Apparently the gas line he was working on ruptured and blew him out of the hole, instantly killing him. The federal government’s OSHA group is…

Staff Writer

Third crane collapse since April on I-25

Last week in Colorado Springs, a crane collapsed over I-25 for the third time since a fatal accident in April. Fortunately no one was injured in this crane accident that dropped a girder onto the open highway and closed the I-25 for many hours. This has been the third accident since the $150 million COSMIX construction project began. An April crane collapse killed a worker. Many are wondering…

Staff Writer

New Urbanism Projects and Reordered Risks of Trend

New Urbanism is, with the new world of lifestyle choices and development opportunities, among the most prominent current concepts in city planning and development. Typically this type of real estate development is the creation of diverse, walkable and compact communities with mixed-use elements including high-rise condominiums.Along with these development opportunities developers are also…