Denver, Colorado


Linda Chalat

Mailbox Marauders Strike

Like many big-town commuters, my family lives in a fairly rural area outside the city. Just this week, our local Sheriff's Office notified us that a few reports of mail theft had…

Linda Chalat

Constitutional Rocky Mountain High

The stage is set for an interesting battle between state constitutional law and the federal prohibition against marijuana in Colorado and Washington. In Colorado, voters approved an…

Linda Chalat

Safety Reminders for Grown-Up Ghouls

A record 170 million people plan to celebrate Halloween this year, according to National Retailers Federation’s 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey. Seven in 10 Americans will get…

Linda Chalat

Neither Jury Duty Nor Court Orders Discretionary

Earlier this year a Florida judge had to declare a mistrial in a high-profile murder case after multiple members of the jury pool gossiped with each other about the defendant during breaks in the…

Linda Chalat

Concerns Over Enticement of Children

The disappearance of 10-year-old girl, Jessica Ridgeway who went missing on her way to school Friday, have authorities concerned that it may be related to two child enticement cases last…

Linda Chalat

Why You Must Ask Questions

I routinely receive questions posed about lawsuits – how much is my claim worth?, why do I have to deal with an insurance company?, or how long until I receive my settlement check? or…

Linda Chalat

Law Suit Days Coming Soon!

Instead of fear-mongoring or wagging the electronic finger about safety concerns, I am writing about a great event that acheives real good for others in need. That is Law Suit Days!


Linda Chalat

Gessler Gets Out (Republican) Vote

Nearly 4,000 letters were mailed last month by Secretary of State Scott Gessler to “suspected noncitizens,” asking that they prove they are eligible to vote or remove themselves from…

Linda Chalat

Is Colorado Ready to Vote?

Over recent weeks, local media has reported on traceable ballots, voting irregularities and a county clerk who was completely unprepared for the June primary. Last week, an elections integrity…

Linda Chalat

Republican Senators Derail Justice System

A noncontroversial nominee to the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has learned that there will be no Senate vote on his nomination after a failed effort to stop a Republican…