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Road Rage Leaves Four in Hospital

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Boulder deputies are investigating a road-rage incident near the intersection of Colorado 93 and Colorado 128 that left four men on the side of the road with serious injuries this weekend. The four were taken by ambulance to Avista Adventist Hospital, where three were treated and released. The fourth victim was taken to St. Anthony Central Hospital for additional treatment. His condition was not known. Two of the men had facial and skull fractures and the other two had scrapes and bruises, according the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that road rage "involves a criminal act of violence, whereas aggressive driving can range from tailgating to speeding to running red lights." The number of deaths related to road rage is difficult to track, but NHTSA estimates that aggressive driving accounts for about one-third of all crashes and about two-thirds of the resulting fatalities.

As our highways become more congested and our schedules more demanding, road rage is certain to become more common. And much of the conduct which contributes to road rage also greatly increases the probability of a severe motor vehicle accident. Roadragers.com gives these tips for avoiding road rage:

  • Plan ahead and allow enough time for delays.
  • Give your driving your full attention.
  • Don’t take your frustration out on other drivers.
  • Driving is not a contest. It is not about winning.
  • Realize that you cannot control the drivers around you… you can control only the way you react to them.