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New Proposed Law to Protect Tow Truck Drivers

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A late bill has been proposed in the state Senate, SB 260 – Concerning safety procedures related to the towing of vehicles. The law would provide that if a towing carrier places a warning sign on the driver-side window of a vehicle prior to towing it and a person, other than a towing carrier or peace officer, removes the sign, he or she commits a class 3 misdemeanor. Also, if a person places a tow-truck warning sign on a vehicle that is not in the process of being towed or while the vehicle is occupied, he or she commits a class 3 misdemeanor.

Current law requires that drivers yield the right-of-way to stationary authorized emergency vehicles on the road. As introduced, the new bill requires that drivers also yield the right-of-way to stationary tow trucks on the road. The amended bill passed the Judiciary Committee on April 27 and passed the Senate on 2nd Reading (with amendments).