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More Ford Defective Products: Spark Plugs Spit

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ConsumerAffairs.com today discussed a problem with Ford F-series trucks. Apparently the engines don’t like the taste of their spark plugs and are spitting them out.

The website says they have received more than a dozen complaints already this year, and the issue involves vehicles from the model years 1999-2004.

A federally mandated recall would have devastating financial implications for Ford because 17 million SUVs, pickups, Crown Victorias and Mustangs are potentially involved.

Recalling the vehicles to fix the cylinder heads would generate the largest, most labor intensive and perhaps most expensive recall in automotive history.

The problem is costing consumers between $2,000 and $5,000 to repair at Ford dealerships, and many mechanics say they know what the problem is – not enough threads machined into the hole. Therefore, the plugs are blowing out when they are under stress.

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