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Bicyclist Killed When Crossing in Front of Car

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A 52-year-old bicyclist was killed yesterday, after he was hit by a car at an intersection in Centennial. It was dusk and a witness told police that she had observed the bicyclist riding on the sidewalk northward on the western sidewalk of South Quebec Street. The driver of the car said she was stopped on East Weaver Avenue at South Quebec Street. When she attempted to make a northbound turn, the bicyclist pulled in front of her.

This sad incident highlights the responsibility that all bicyclists share in avoiding accidents with motor vehicles. In Colorado, we have a statute relating to the duty of care of bicyclists when on public roadways. The most critical elements of the statute are that bicyclists have the same rights and duties as motorized vehicles. This means that bicyclists must stop at red lights, stop signs, and must obey all other rules of the road. Hand signals, etc., must be used, bicyclists must ride single file, and on the right side, as far to the right as is safely practicable. For more information, see Bicycle Accidents.

And when riding anytime other than broad daylight, bicyclists should use headlights, rear lights and reflective clothing to alert motorists to their presence.